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FAQ – World Robot Boxing 2

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What are my goals in the game?
Collect all your favourite Robots and use them to go up against other WRB2 fans all over the world competing for exclusive prizes in exciting modes and events.
How can I collect my favourite Robot?
Collect Robots by winning matches to earn Lootcrates. Many Lootcrates contain Robot although some contain other useful items like Health and Revival Kits.
What’s the difference between a 1 star Robot and a 4 star Robot?
Each Robot can be owned in up to 4 different tiers: 1-4 Star. 1 Star Robots are the most common and have the weakest potential (although a fully upgraded 1 Star Robot is a force to be reckoned with, all the way up to 4 Star Robots which are currently the rarest and after upgrading can reach heights of power greater than any other Robots. You can't have more than one Robot of that Star tier (any duplicates will add 'Overdrive' to that Robot)
How do I get Gold and Cash?
You can earn Gold as a reward, especially in Versus mode. If you need a little extra just head to the store. Cash can be earned by playing any mode and winning matches.
What are the Controls?
Tap on A button for light attack.
Tap on B button for heavy attack.
Use joystick for movement. Hold the joystick down to Block.
Tap special move button: Special move (requires special energy).
How can I make my Robots stronger?
You can upgrade your Robots by using Levelup materials. This enhances a Robot's stats. When a Robot has reached the maximum level for their current rank, they will need to be 'ranked up'. You need to use Training to rank up a Robot. After a Robot has been ranked up they will have a new maximum level and can be upgraded with Levelup materials again. If you use Levelup materials in this way which matches the Robot's class, they will receive an even higher upgrade!
Why should I play in Hard Mode?
Hard mode may present a tougher challenge, but the rewards are much better!
How can I get more Lootcrates?
You can get hold of more Lootcrates through many methods: Winning matches in any of the game's modes. Logging into the game often to claim hourly and daily Lootcrates. Purchasing for Gold and more.
What is my Stash for?
You can only fit a limited amount of each type of item in your inventory. If you ever receive an item which doesn't fit into your inventory, it goes into your Stash. Items in your Stash must be used or placed in your inventory (by freeing up space for them) otherwise they may expire and disappear!
How do Boosts work?
Boosts can be earned or purchased for Gold. While a Stat Boost is active all qualifying Robots in your collection will receive a stat buff based on the Boost. Other Boosts will have a general positive effect for example allowing you to gain XP faster to level up. Boosts are only active for a set period before they expire.
What are health kits and revive kits?
If your Robots take damage during episodes they don't regain HP (Health Points) between matches. So sometimes to go the distance you need to use Health Kits to heal your Robots. And if a Robot is defeated in a match Health Kits won't cut it... you'll need a Revive Kit to get them back in the ring.
I ran out of stamina. What now?
Your Stamina replenishes over time so you should be back in the action in 10-20 minutes but why not play a Versus mode? You don't need Stamina for those!
What do different Robot classes means?
Each Class has a Class Advantage over one other Class. Check the Class Advantage wheel in the game to find out who has the advantage over whom!
What are the colored symbols that appear during the match mean?
Those are ability symbols. Generally a green symbol means something positive is happening and a red symbol means something negative is happening. Abilities are activated when you use Special Moves... check your individual Robots to find out what they're really capable of!
How do special moves work?
Each Robot has a special attack. At the top left corner of the screen, just below the Health Bar, you will notice the Special Attack Bar.
Based on your Robot's Version and it's Upgrade Level you might see 1, 2 or 3 Special Attack Bars that signify the damage level of your special attack.
A 1 Star Robot has only 1 Special Attack hence you will notice just 1 Special Attack Bar. Similarily 2 and 3 Star Robots have 2 Special Attacks, while 4 Star Robots come with 3 Special Attacks.
Every attack that you land on your opponent fills up your Special Attack Bar.
There is an SP Button at the bottom right of your screen that shows the status of your Special Attack. Right when a Special Attack Bar is fully filled the SP button gets activated. All three levels of Special Moves are color-coded.
The SP button starts glowing Green in color when Level 1 Special Move gets activated, followed by Orange and Red respectively for Level 2 and Level 3 Special Moves. On tapping the SP button, your Robot will pull off a Special Move on the opponent which will be a Heavy Attack causing heavy damage.
Remember to stay close to your opponent while doing a Special Move or there are chances that your Special Attack doesn't connect and goes to waste. It's up to you to time your Special Attack.
If you have a 4 Star Robot with 3 Special Moves, you might choose not to use the first Special Attack and continue with to-to-toe attacks to fill up the Special Attack Bar and achieve the 3rd Special Move for maximum Damage. But, while you wait to upgrade your Special Move to the next level, there are chances that your Opponent is able to pull-of one of it Special Attacks on you successfully.
This will result in Your Special Attack Bar getting reset and you will end up losing any level of Special Attack you might have gained throughout your fight.
Keep track of status messages and your opponent's abilities. You do not need to use your special attack as soon as the SP button shines. Wait for your opponent to become “weak”. For example, if your opponent is affected by “low armor”, you will cause more damage with your special attack. Or, if it gains the “armor up” status, there is no need to use it because it won’t do much damage.
Use your Special Moves wisely.
How do I win a match?
Deplete the opponent's health to zero to win the match. Also, you can perform rip off to finish the match.
What is events mode?
There are two types of events that you can particpate in - Daily events and PPV Events.The Daily Events are your primary source of getting the "Rank Up Weights" needed to Rank Up your Robots. The PPV Events allow you to be a part of the real WRB2 PPV events. These events give exclusive Rewards.
What is versus 1V1?
1 vs 1 is a part of the Versus mode where you get to pit your Robots against the other players in Multiplayer matches. 1 vs 1 allows you to take one of your best Robots against your opponent's roster. Maintain your win streak to earn Respect Points which help you unlock exclusive versus rewards.
What are achievements?
Achievements are one time Objectives that give you additional rewards for reaching certain milestones in your journey.
What are offers?
Visit the Offers section in the Store for Beginner's Packs and other deals to help you strengthen your Robots. These offers will help you in your journey in becoming the best in WRB2.
What are daily offers?
Make sure to drop by the in-game store to look out for the Daily Offers. These include a Class specific offer every day!
What are daily rewards?
Daily Rewards offer you great rewards for logging in everyday. The rewards increase in value every consecutive day. Make sure you never miss a day to keep getting those rewards.
What is the loot section?
The Loot section is your personal inventory for all the items that you earn/win in the game. It has three sub sections:
Cases - Contains all the Lootcrates that you win/purchase.
Items - Contains all the various Health, Revive, Level Up and Rank Up items that you earn.
Stash - Once your Item inventory reaches its full capacity, all additional items are stored in the Stash. However, make sure to collect them as all items in the stash have an expiry period.
How do I tag?
Tap on the respective Robot icon on the top left corner of the screen to tag in your second Robot.
How do I save my game progress?
Please follow the below steps to save your game progress:
1. Install and launch the game.
2. Complete the FTUE and reach till level 3 (you will unlock VERSUS mode).
3. Tap on Versus mode, you will get a LOGIN pop-up.
4. You can either select CUSTOM login or FACEBOOK login.
5. After successful login in either of the option (Custom login or Facebook login) your game progression with get linked/saved with your profile name.
How do I transfer my progress to other device?
You need to login with your Facebook account to transfer your game data:
1. Tap on Settings option (top left corner on your screen).
2. Tap on FACEBOOK and login with your Facebook credentials.
3. Now take the device in which you want your progression.
4. Download the game on the new device and complete the FTUE.
5. Now tap on Setting option (top left corner on your screen) and enter the same Facebook credentials which you previously used in your old device.
6. It will ask for which progression you want, select your Facebook id name progression
7. In this way your data will be transferred from old device to new device.
How do I change my team?
You can change your team when you are about to enter a new Episode in the Story/Events. After you select the difficulty you get the option to add Robots to you team. Select the existing Robot in your current team and then select the "Swap" option. This will take you to your roster and you can then choose the desired Robot for your team.
How do I rank up my Robots in the game?
You can rank up your Robots using Rank Up Weights. The Rank Up requirements change based on the Star and Rank of the Robots. You can earn Rank up Weights in the Daily Rank up Events.
How can I change the game language?
Your smartphone comes with a preset language, but you can change it to a language of your choice which eventually changes the language in WRB2 by following a few easy steps. These steps differ respectively for iOS and Android phones. iOS - Go to “Settings” and tap on the “General” tab from the list. Select “Language & Region” and then scroll down to find the language you wish to use. Android - Tap on the device “Settings” icon and select the "Language and Inputs" tab. Tapping on it will open your language settings from where you can choose your desired language
What is overdrive? How can I overdrive?
Overdrive increases your Robot's overall stats. Overdrive is applicable to 2, 3 and 4 Star Robots. You can collect Class specific overdrive items from Lootcrates. Finding duplicate Robots also increases your Robot’s stats i.e. enables Overdrive.
Why is my device not supported?
The game is designed in a way to have optimized support in order to sustain to any technical discrepancies.
1. OS requirement : iOS 8.0 and above
2. Devices:iPhone: iPhone 5 and above
3. iPad: iPad 4 and above.
4. iPod: iPod Touch 6
Note: The game can be downloaded but will not work on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 and iPad Mini 1st Gen as per the technical design.
I purchased an item on my device from the store but didn’t get it, why?
For iOS, sometimes the mobile devices experience weak Internet Connection. After completing the purchase, the app store needs to send back a Purchase successful message which confirms that your payment was successful. Try relaunching the game. If items still fail to appear in game, please retry purchase but make sure of the following:
1. You have a strong network connection each time you purchase.
2. Enter credit card details correctly. If you identify it’s a credit card issue please contact your bank.
If the above doesn’t work, then please check your App Store Receipt sent to you via email. If the item you purchased is on the receipt but you cannot locate the download, please contact Apple with your Receipt.
The game is crashing on my device. How do I fix it?
There are a few reasons why your device may experience a crash during an app launch or randomly. We will list the top tips that proved to have helped most users: First you will have to make sure your device has the latest software installed. Download the latest version of iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes
1. If you already have iTunes, open it and then select Help => Check for updates and install any available updates.
2. Please make sure the date and time of your devices are current. This is important for the iTunes store as it may not allow you to download any apps if you don’t have the correct date and time.
3. If your device already has the latest software, try resetting your device. Hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of the device for a few seconds until the screen displays the message ‘slide to power off.’ Power off the device by moving the slider. Hold down the sleep/wake button again until the device powers back on.
4. When the home screen is displayed, relaunch the game.
5. If you are still having trouble, you may need to terminate apps running in the background: Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background:
You can terminate most apps on this screen to free up memory. Tap on the home button to return then try to launch the game again. Most users report this works for them. You may also wish to close some apps on your device that you no longer use as the less storage memory you have available on your device may be contributing to this error.
I have downloaded the game previously, now the new update is not getting downloaded. Why?
It is possible that new update requires device specifications that your device cannot complete. So, new update won’t be available for you. If your device fulfils the compatibility requirements and still you are not able to download the update, then contact us at
How can I improve the performance of the game?
It is always good to restart your device every week to clear your device memory and give you optimum game performance. Hold Power and Home Button together and release once you will be shown the apple logo.
Why can’t I install the game?
On some devices, the operating system doesn’t inform you if you have run out of space. Please check that you have enough space on your device to install game. The size of the game file is around 500 MB so you need at least that or more. If you have less, you need to delete some other applications and/or unused music and photos before installing the game.
The game is not loading/ crashing on my android device. What should I do? Which device does it support? What should I do?
Please try the following:
1. Make sure your copy of the game for Android was downloaded from the Google Play Store, otherwise we cannot guarantee that your game will work as it’s supposed to.
2. Free up device memory by closing unnecessary apps running in the background. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Running, then tap the app you want to stop and press ‘Stop’ or ‘Force Stop’.
3. Free up storage memory on your device by uninstalling apps that you no longer need. You can do this by opening the Launcher (Android’s app view), then press and hold the app(s) you want to delete.
4. Make sure your Android version is up to date by going to Settings > About, and then checking for software updates. Also, please note that the game requires **at least** the following specs:
1. 1.5 GB RAM or more recommended
2. Android OS 4.0.3 or better
3. A screen resolution of 480×800 or better
If your game is still crashing or not loading, please Let Us know by
mailing - support@reliancegames.com
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I didn’t get it, why?
If your purchase still fails to appear, it could be because of weak/no WiFi connection or a cash transaction issue. One possibility is that your purchase has not been registered with Store. Try re-launching the game. You can go ahead with retrying purchase but make sure of the following:
1. Have a strong network connection each time you purchase.
2. Enter credit card details correctly. If you identify it’s a credit card issue please contact your bank.
Note: If your purchase is completed but does not show up in game, please contact our support team with purchase receipt at
How can I disable in-app purchase and unauthorized purchases?
To disable in-app purchases and avoid unauthorized purchases on your android device use the following steps:
1. Tap Settings in Google Play Store
2. Select ‘require password for purchases’ option
when you do this, you’ll be asked to set a Password. The password will have to be used each time to enable an in-app purchase.
Note: Don’t share it with people you don’t want making in-app purchases.
Why can’t I install the game?
On some devices, the operating system doesn’t inform you if you have run out of space. Please check that you have enough space on your device to install the game.